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Creating relationship between Your phone and PC

In this evoloving world with emerging new innovations & technologies human has always emphasised on developing something more comforting and easy to handle. On the same lines Microsoft, has developed and facilitated cross-device connection. You can link all work on PC large screen with no use of phone.

With  your phone remains in your pocket and you accomplish all phone tasks in one go via on phone link app.

  1. Search for ‘Phone Link’ on you PC 

  2. Tap ‘Get started’

  3. You need to type on phone's browser

  4. You'll be redirected to Google Play Store

  5. Download  'Phone Link' app 

  6. Click ‘Open’  ->   ‘Link your phone and PC'

  7. 'Continue'  on the dialog box ‘Is the QR code on your PC ready?’

  8. Scan QR code using phone

  9. Then subsequently tap 'continue' on phone and your PC.

Why use

You may find it difficult sometimes to connect your phone and PC directly, here is the solution for your problem -, it gets you with QR Code to scan. Scan QR Code using phone and explore all your tasks on single screen while working right on your PC.

You are no more isolated from social world while busy in work on PC as is there to give notification of each conversation. It informs you about all the messages , calls ,etc. At the same time you can respond to all messages and calls.


It comes with cross-device  copy-paste feature. Copying from one device and pasting on other --- its amazing and better for efficient performance. 

Get into the ‘Phone Link’ world via


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